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December 14, 2015

Benefits of Security Frameworks

A security Framework helps to support and fine tune your IT security system. Many organizations develop IT Security and policies, but they tend to stop once that is completed. But in order for IT Security to be optimized, a well define framework needs to be in place and must be self-tuning all the time.

In order for any IT security system to work on a level of optimization, a well-defined, organization-wide security framework needs to be implemented that involves all levels of clearance, and the framework needs to be part of the organization’s core operations.

Follow these simple steps to help build your Security framework to strengthen your IT security system:

  1. Identify an Information Security Framework/Standard

Using a framework/standard has two distinct advantages:

  • A framework/standard represents the collective wisdom of other organizations that have implemented security programs. Even if the industry framework/standard does not fit an IT organization, it can always form the basis of a version tailored for that organization.

  • Adopting a framework/standard promotes a common security vocabulary and a common understanding of security throughout the IT organization, which can lead to greater collaboration and better communication.

     2. Conduct Audit

Once a framework/standard is selected, an organization can perform an internal or external security audit.

             3. Review the Audit Findings

By reviewing the audit findings within the context of a framework/standard, an IT organization can address the following elements of a security program:

  • Governance

  • Security controls


         4. Establish Priority 

Once the risk has been determined, the organization can address the following elements of a security program:

  • Security controls

  • Risk management

  • Policies

  • Ongoing monitoring

Fine tune your IT security system by implementing a security framework across all area of your organization. Your security framework should not only include digital media, but also paper documents. Partnering with a secure local document destruction company will ensure that your paper documents are destroyed and aid in preventing an information security breach.




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