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December 21, 2015

Document Security: Paper shredding

Identity theft is a multibillion dollar industry that is used to fund organized crime. There are two main reasons why secure document shredding is important: to safely dispose of confidential information and to prevent identity theft.

With new legislation and a broadened perspective on the risk posed by the lack of IT security, it is becoming a high priority for organizations to manage the disposal of confidential information. Cyber-attacks are common forms of identity theft however; this does not mean overlook the disposal of paper documents. Disposing paper documents that contain seemingly harmless information such as: names, phone numbers, addresses, email account information, etc..., can be just as dangerous as throwing away documents that contain social security numbers. Specialized equipment, infrastructure and skills are necessary to create fake identification. One or two pieces of personal information from your garbage are all that is required to steal your identity.

A systematic document shredding process has become a standard part of file management programs in many large corporations.

Any organization that provides a service where there is an expectation of privacy or has to obtain personal client information is legally required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that confidential information is protected. When confidential information needs to be disposed of, the most secure method is the complete destruction of the document. Document shredding allows organizations to quickly and efficiently destroy documents.

Outsourcing a secure document shredding service that is NAID Certified (National Association for Information Destruction) will aid in prevent an information security breach. Secure document destruction agencies are certified to protect and properly dispose of your documents.


Rock Solid Shredding provides customized paper and hard drive shredding services that assist businesses with complying with legislation while protecting information.

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