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February 1, 2016

Information Security Trends 2016: Mobility

The rising use of BYOD (bring your own device) to your workspace, and the introduction of wearable technologies in the workplace, will inevitably increase the demand for mobile work apps. With this increased demand, it is easy to speculate that the quality in security frameworks and thorough testing may be sacrificed to carry out speedy delivery, resulting in poor quality devices that can more easily be hacked by criminals.

Mobility is not just the use of a cell phone device; smart phones are only one component of mobility. There are increasing numbers of workers that are constantly mobile, whether working in a remote location or constantly in and out of your office workspace. Although many devices can connect to one workspace environment, you may know what is or believe it to be a certain person’s device that is connected but how sure can you be that it is the said person on the other end of the device?

Organizations must be prepared for the security implications that they will face in this 2016 year with mobile working and BYOD on the rise. Chief information security officers should proactively prepare the organization for possible data breaches. This can be done by ensuring


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