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September 8, 2015

Your Business could be at risk of a security breach.


Misinformation about information security and fraud prevention may be causing consumers and business confusion in their role to protect confidential information.

Here are 4 commonly thought myths about security breaches.


Myth #1:  My Company is too small to be noticed by hackers.

    Many small businesses believe that they will not be targeted by hackers. But no matter the industry or size of your company data breach is a real concern to any business, whether you are in restaurants servicing credit cards or large corporate offices with piles (both electronic and physical), it can happen to anyone. A recent blog discusses why hackers actually tend to target small businesses .


The 2013 Ponemon Institute survey cited in the article revealed that 55 percent of small businesses in the U.S. had experienced a data breach.  Many hackers believe that small merchants have fewer resources and much less security expertise than large corporations, thus making them more vulnerable to data attacks.



Consider these simple actions that may lead to data breach, and the industries that could be affected:

  • Failure to shred customer documents (janitorial service)
  • Medical records falling off a truck on a freeway (disposal service and medical provider)
  • Skimming devices that steal customer data installed in credit card machines (retail, convenience store, gas station)
  • Stacks of printed credit card slips (restaurant, tavern)
  • Lost laptop computer containing sensitive customer data (medical office)



Myth #2: Companies provide the necessary security to protect confidential information


    The Global State of Information Security Survey 2015 reveals that security breaches are on the rise. However, information security spending has not been keeping up with increases in security incidents .  And investments in information security declined 4% in 2014, while security incidents increased 34% since 2013.



Myth #3: Smart Chip Cards will save us


    EMV® technology may appear to be impenetrable by hackers and identity thieves, but if a hacker can get your name and email address, he can use them to create phishing attacks — fake emails that try to trick you into revealing more sensitive personal and financial details.


Retailers that accept credit cards should be alert for any suspicious activity that could indicate an attempted breach in progress. They should also achieve and maintain PCI compliance to help protect themselves, their businesses and their customers.



Myth #4: Information Security is only a problem for digital information


    Any organization with employees, business contacts and customers, creates or collects sensitive data that information thieves want. According to a recent Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 9 % of security breaches accounted for were paper breaches in early 2014 and accounted for 31% in the latter portion of 2014. The total loss was over 250,000 paper records and health information.

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