Frequently Asked Questions

Rock Solid Shredding can answer all of your questions about securely, and properly destroying confidential data.

Why should my company shred documents?

You have a legal responsibility to keep sensitive customer and employee information from falling into the wrong hands. Eliminating certain data in a timely fashion limits your liability in litigation and protects proprietary information from competitors. Our document shredding and hard-drive destruction service will securely dispose your confidential information.

With fewer than ten employees, does it make sense for us to outsource document shredding?

Absolutely. Small organizations have limited personnel resources, and they may need to outsource document shredding more than larger companies. Rock Solid provides convenient bins onsite and conducts document shredding according to your schedule.

Since we have a paper shredder, why do we need to outsource paper shredding?

Most office-size paper shredders take time to feed and cannot accommodate sizable quantities of documents. Larger capacity document shredders involve capital investment, maintenance, and service calls. All office shredders are inherently inefficient due lost employee time and productivity.  Lastly, large and compact paper shredders alike share the same basic problem – eventually they all break.

Is a paper shredding schedule necessary?

By destroying records according to a set schedule, a company appropriately limits risk. Based on your company's needs, Rock-Solid will schedule a regular time—daily, weekly, monthly—to destroy and then recycle your sensitive material.

Does it cost a lot to use a document destruction company?

Document shredding is a non-revenue producing function that eats up valuable employee hours. When you consider how much it costs for one of your employees to do the job, you'll find outsourcing this tedious task to Rock Solid will save you time and money.

How does Rock Solid's mobile shredding work?

We provide on-site document shredding services using our state-of-the-art Shred-Tech mobile document shredding trucks. On days designated by the schedule you develop with us, our bonded drivers will arrive and shred on-site all materials collected from your Rock Solid consoles and bins. With our service, no one else sees or touches your materials from time of removal through destruction – there's no direct contact, viewing or sorting. Our handling procedures are automated and secure. The paper is deposited directly from the collection bins into the shredding compartment via the bin hoist on the side of the truck.

How much can you shred in an hour?

Our trucks can shred over 3,500 pounds of paper per hour.

How secure are your containers?

We offer All Source security containers "considered one of the best industry" in regards to lockable security containers. Choice of bin size and type is solely at your discretion and can be altered at any time during the engagement.

What do I have to do to prepare documents for destruction?

Nothing more than deposit them in the bins and consoles placed around your office. There is no need to remove paper clips, staples, or any other type of binding.

What happens to the documents after they are destroyed?

All shredded paper is securely recycled through our partnerships with recyclers.  Rock Solid trucks are emptied a local paper dealer locally.

What else can you destroy besides paper?

Rock Solid's powerful Shred-Tech MDS 20GT trucks will shred paper clips, staples and bindings in your secure documents. With Shred-Techs ST-HDC Hard Drive Destruction system we can securely destroy all of your hard drive needs on-site.

Can I witness destruction of my information?

Yes. On-site monitoring is available through cameras installed in the paper shredding and collection compartments in the trucks.

Do you offer a certificate of document destruction?

We can issue a Certificate of Destruction form when records have been destroyed. The form will be included in your invoice.

Why don't you offer off-site document destruction?

Given the risk associated with the transportation of highly confidential paper, Rock Solid does not offer off-site document shredding. Regardless of the amount of insurance the paper shredding company has, no amount of money will redeem the loss associated with the bad publicity of leaked information. Your information will not leave your parking lot until it is shredded.

What regulations do you adhere to?

We adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines.

How do you implement privacy and security compliance?

Rock Solid complies with HIPAA requirements and adheres to all other requirements and regulations for the destruction of confidential proprietary materials. Our operations manual outlines the process and procedures we require our drivers to follow regarding the servicing of bins, the transporting of confidential material to the truck, and the shredding of the material.

Do you require your employees to be bonded?

Yes. We seek and employ individuals with only the highest level of integrity and competency among our operations, driver, and customer service employees.  All employees are bonded, uniformed, and wear Rock Solid issued badges.

Do you require your employees to undergo drug testing?

Yes. We require our employees to participate in drug testing upon hire and to submit to random drug testing during the term of their employment.

Do you provide online paper shredding services?

Not at this time, this service is under construction.