On-Site Disintegration

NAID AAA Certified | Micro Media and Solid State Device Destruction

With everything in the information and data storage world getting smaller and smaller, Rock Solid Shredding is proud to offer on-site disintegration of your Solid State Drives, M.2 SSDs, flash media such as thumb drives, SD cards, micro SD cards, memory sticks and SIM chips as well as all magnetic strip cards such as ID badges, credit cards, and diskettes or floppies.

- NSA/DOD/CSS approved equipment
- Particle size 3/32nd, .0938”, 2.3813mm
- Meets NSA/DOD specification 02-02 for classified material
- Security Level DIN 66399 T-6/E-5/O-5

Ensure your solid state drives and micro media are destroyed properly.

With the amount of information collected on solid state drives and micro media, it is vital that at the end-of-life these drives be destroyed properly. On-site disintegration is the only way you can verify the data is 100% destroyed. It is your tangible insurance against a data breach.

Erasing, Degaussing, and Wiping Solid State Drives and Flash Media is Not Enough!

According to the Federal Government National Institute for Standards and Technology’s Special Publication 800-88, Guidelines for Media Sanitization, the only method of destruction that is 100% safe is total, secure disintegration. Reference pages 24, 25, 36 – 39

Solid State Drives cannot be degaussed and files that have been wiped or erased on SSDs can still be accessed by identity thieves skilled in information retrieval. With the increased complexity of SSDs relative to hard drives, “verification must be performed for each technique” used in the sanitization process. Pg 36

Note: It is important to note that overwrite on flash-based media may significantly reduce the effective lifetime of the media and it may not sanitize the data in unmapped physical media (i.e., the old data may still remain on the media). Pg 37

SSDs cannot be traditionally shred to a small enough size to guarantee complete destruction. A 3/32nd or 2.3813mm particle size meets those standards required for proper destruction, which is what Rock Solid Shredding’s disintegrator provides.

“The shred size of the refuse should be small enough that there is reasonable assurance in proportion to the data confidentiality that the data cannot be reconstructed.” Pg 25

Our On-Site Disintegration Process

  • All SSDs and micro media are inventoried: A hand-held scanner records the serial numbers, itemizing the varied material into the computer
  • SSDs and micro media are disintegrated on-site down to a particle size of 3/32nd, 2.3813mm
  • A printed or e-mailed Certificate of Destruction will be provided for a legal audit trail, which includes all serial numbers
  • The destroyed material is then recycled


Why Rock Solid Disintegration?

  • Professional, reliable and superior customer service
  • Complete and secure destruction of your SSDs and micro media on-site
  • Assured protection from identity thieves
  • All destroyed material is recycled. Go Green!

Rock Solid Shredding is NAID AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) which establishes strict standard for secure destruction processes, operational security, employee hiring and drug testing, responsible disposal, and insurance.

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